Styles and finishes

Whether looking for formal or hard wearing shoes or boots there are a wide variety of choices that can be made. I can expertly advise on styles, materials and finishes to suit your needs.

Finishes of leather are very important to both the look and feel of the shoe, advice on types, wear, maintenance and more will be provided. In addition various finishes for accessories such as eyelets, laces, toe protectors and much more are also possible.

Measuring your feet

"The simpler the measuring device, the more reliable the measurements."

An old shoe making saying, but with a few sheets of paper, a measuring tape and a pencil, the basics can be ascertained. With a foot measuring device for size and width, a right angle or heel piece for shoe heel height plus foot imprint paper you have a well rounded understanding of the foot's dimensions and requirements.

Each pair of shoes are meticulously measured by Peter, to ensure that the final pair are as comfortable as possible. 

'The last comes first' - This is our house motto

Your last is the heart of your bespoke shoes. It is personal to you, and all of your shoes will be made on this last.

When you commission a pair of bespoke shoes the first thing that happens is that we will make an appointment for your feet to be measured at Springline™, where precise measurements of your feet will be made by their technicians and the process of making your last will commence. This may be an opportunity for you to discuss with your shoemaker your requirements regarding style, materials, detailing, and colour.

The process of last manufacture takes approximately three weeks and payment must be made to the last-maker upon placing the order (Springline™ company t&c).

Further appointments with your shoemaker will be made as the work of making your shoes proceeds.

Pattern making

Once the last has been manufactured the agreed design is overlaid onto the form and converted into a pattern. The process includes meticulous calculations relating to the instep, joints and heel height, to ensure correct fit.

The last is turned from a 3d form into a 2d pattern which is used to click the leather / material from.  


With the shoe / boots pieces cut, they are ready to be closed. Closing requires attention to detail so each shoe matches creating a exact pair.

The pieces are expertly sewn together, each stitch put into place with years of experience and practise. 


The finished uppers are fitted back over the bespoke lasts ready to attaching to the midsole. Depending on the type of sole attachment (welted, cemented, etc) a different lasting technique is used.

Techniques honed over the past 100 years are still used to ensure smooth finishes of the upper around the last and sealed soles.


A variety of different soles can be fitted depending on requirements. Whether hard wearing, for grip, or purely cosmetic there are always options to suit your needs,

Shoe Trees and Shoe Maintenance

High end shoe trees are available to keep your brand new bespoke footwear in shape, aired and healthy. Advisement on request.

Additional advice will also be provided on how you can best maintain your footwear to the highest quality and for longevity.

How to order